Kyungmin Sophia Son

Infinite rebirth  2020

122 x 80 x 10 cm.

Plywood, light box print, LED

Emulsification: Vertebrate 2020

​clear perspex, resin, pigment, silicon, Jesmonite, copper chain

Void: plasma simulation  2020
Ply wood, oak wood, plastazote, sprey paint. Courtesy of the artist.

Strata  2020

Plastazote, spray paint, ply wood, Polystyrene

Aeon  2021
50 x 150 x 165 cm
​aluminium sheet, shield, air cushion, oyster shell, styrofoam, bolt strap, bolt screw

Aeon is created with clustered thoughts of lifeless and inhuman relationships. Individual objects are juxtaposed neatly without recognisable relations. The individual objects in this work have fulfilled their original vocation; to protect and guard. Creating new relationships between these objects causes an estrangement, beyond the threshold of their probable existences. The artist has with its limitation and potential of their boundaries whether they are both natural and synthetic.