Nest: Infinite Loop, 75 × 80 × 80 cm (with plinth), Jesmonite, silicon, clay, pigment, aluminium wire, chain, wire mesh, pigment, perspex, plywood. Courtesy: the artist 


The work Nest: Infinite Loop (2021) presents vulnerability, liquidity, temporality and plasticity with the material states. The work is about the precarious state of our unprecedented present and future as it stands alone, continuously looping its own images and circulating through its reflection by mirroring self. This drizzling, gummy, gluey and exhaustive creature is tethered and entangled with metallic chains and wire fences that obstruct its freedom. Its body is inclusive and absorbs the surroundings but is also restricted, limited to its circuit of infinite self without any escaping hopes. 

Kyungmin Sophia Son