Kyungmin Sophia Son

Believe me / Life Attitude  2017

Dimension variable

Aluminium, perforative metal sheet, oak wood, MDF, c-print on paper, c-print on film, ceramic, cement, wheat, cereal, rubber gloves, perspex, glass, fabric, chain, wire, rings, string, PVC, wheels, bubble wrap, synthetic crystals, peach-shaped handcream container, clips, hourglass, knitted pocket.

Believe Me / Life Attitude 2017 explores contemporary human and non-human subjectivity and complex relationships within their emotional fluctuations. The modern development of technology, pathology and hygienic industry has caused growth in psychological and physical management (or manipulation) that has increased the intimacy in between human and non-human relationships. In the advanced practices of medical assistant robots, a bot, with multiple extended arms (‘tentacular appendages’), and multiple functions enables the bots to extend beyond limitation of human capabilities such as motion (speed, repetition), position and precision. The constellations and non-linear elements that make up this work are in constant relation to one another in different scales, and incorporate reimagined everyday situations, mythological narratives and altered historical meaning, twisted in composition. This invokes collective confusion, plasticity, contemporary aesthetic, artificiality, nature and machinery relationship and therefore exaggerates social complexity and power relationships in play, to confuse reality with mimicry and joke.  Each material act is placed carefully and is vulnerable to temporality; joining, holding and fitting with each other. Some are vulnerably connected to relation or supporting others that are over-weight and under pressure. Simultaneously, some materials are covered with soft fabric and bubble wrap to evoke precarity, weakness and emotional instability, carefulness, comfort and discomfort.

@ Royal College of Art Degree show 2017