Kyungmin Sophia Son

Inhale and Exhale  2019

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019, Coppenhagen
Aluminium steel plate, polyurethane sponge, acrylic liquid
60 x 225 x 125 cm

A black cube-shaped sponge, saturated with a significant amount of black liquid creating a firm, still, dense and consistent body, is situated in the centre of a reflective surface. The liquid holding body sustains a tension between the eternal force of gravity and evaporation into the air surrounding its periphery. The sponge’s porous and absorbent nature, holding the liquid within its body distinguishes it from the shiny and gleaming, flat surface underneath. The query of mysterious darkness at the centre of the sponge; cannot be revealed and is left to the unknown. The body of the sponge contains the potential to both release and retain through numerous entrances and exits. The blackness becomes a breathing machine that continuously interacts with the exterior and interior simultaneously. It is a query from the porous surface to the invisible centre of mass.

@ The Crypt Gallery, 'Dialogues on the Threshold', London.  2016