Kyungmin Sophia Son

Vein ver.0.1: Orbital Transition (Working in progress).  2021
Jesmoite, scaffolding, chain, hoop anchor, air dry clay, aluminium wire, oyster shell
202 x 129 x 64 cm

Vein ver.0.1: Orbital Transition reveals a progressive body that is in a state in between emancipation and resistance as it traverses modes of living and non-living. This work is a continuation of the artist’s interrogation into Posthuman discourse, questioning the unknown tension between the planetary scale of contemporary phenomena and the mystery of the deep underground secret that has grown amidst technological advancement under the predicament of the human position. The work expresses resistance and dependency within the oscillating energy and spiritual capacity of spatial generation and invisible force. The artist creates an abstract motion and complex energy cycle through its corporeal body. The entanglement of the sculpture has been developed through the processes and conditions of suspension and tension which relying upon the natural force of gravity and material’s its own capacity. The work is situated in the mode of natural tension and morphogenesis from its materiality which are set in both liveliness and synthetic incubation.

Nest : Infinite Loop . 2021 

Jesmonite, aluminium wire, air-dry clay, silicon, chain, net wire, mirror Perspex

68 x 60 x 60 cm

Vulnerability, liquidity, temporality and mobility are represented by material states in the work Nest. Dissolusion of the body, the vulnerable position is in the constant loop in reflection without the way of escape or the exit. the title of the Nest can be a home but also the eternal boundaries that human create on the surface of the earth with the internet with advanced technology. The precarious nature of real and virtual creatures is in a constant interrupted and confused mode. This is explored in this work which is drifting and fluid, conveying the precarious and mingled state of our own, and the surrounding, condition.

Swan  2021

Jesmonite, pigment, aluminium wire, air-dry clay, faux fur, cable tie, coper pipe

Swan (2021) presents a trajectory of one’s morphogenesis in which the path of a body transforms into its maturity through its lifetime. The work expresses its visible transfiguration while questioning the invisible tension and energy that revolves around the body when it grows, arises and morphoses through the time in its transition journey. 

An organism grows based on its genetic potentiality and the surrounding environmental conditions. The time and events matter in this process of growing that involves enduring physical infliction, emotional fluctuations and balance, which require self-regenerated energy and struggle to recover. The growing is rendered through bearing the repetitive and reciprocal events that continuously encounter the frustration and overcoming process. This relentless force and energy circulate through the interior and exterior of the body that creates and shapes one’s being.