Kyungmin Sophia Son

Terranean surge2020

200x37x27 cm
scaffold, plastazote, spray paint

Geoforce  2019

​180 x 110 x 4 cm

​outdoor foam mat, plastazote, chain, Jesmonite, pigment

Natural emergence : Deep roots  2020

124x112x35 cm
Jesmonite, Polystyrene, pine timber board, hinge, perforated stainless steel

Forest myth 

Exploring sublunary temporal rhythms and the polyphonic patterns of the Earthly actant in its forming and revolving atmosphiric turbulence. Invisible energy and resurgence between matter and mass. From the barren to the proliferation of existence as a mystery, the work attempts to grasp the pattern and gesture from the modes of emergence.

Sympoiesis, a term developed by Donna Haraway, is defined as a collective entanglement that has a spatial and temporal quality in its mutual mode of relationship and inter-linking, and is never exhausted or reducible by a single action. A series of work Natural Emergence: deep roots explore the invisible energy that surges around living and non-living organisms. The work expresses growing pattern and reproduction, emergence and a flow. The invisible surge circling around, creates streams and spreads into atmosphere indivisible to naked human eyes. These unconscious traces and movements constantly accumulate and become sedimented leaving unexpected lines and forms that often come to form of a void, sinkhole, abyss or black hole. Unknown time and shimmer are frequent motifs in science fiction. I fabricate symptoms and diagnostic actions and create spiritual props that express the surging energy that appears in a natural and synthetic atmosphere. The work traverse barriers between nature, industry, myth and synthesis involving the growth of desire, virus and vitality, while they imitate and mimic one another. Natural emergence and technological negotiation are focal parts of the discourse in this long-term investigation, in which I continue to question the simultaneity, sympoiesis and symbiosis of milieu and nature, in relation to contemporary post-human discussion.

Instruction; no.0.1 2020

70x54x5 cm
plywood, hinge, perforated steel, fake nail, milliput, metal ring, ball chain, fake eyelash, resin, wooden handle, twine string, hook