Terranean surge 2020

200x37x27 cm
scaffold, plastazote, spray paint

Instruction; no.0.1 2020

70x54x5 cm
plywood, hinge, perforated steel, fake nail, milliput, metal ring, ball chain, fake eyelash, resin, wooden handle, twine string, hook

Kyungmin Sophia Son

Exploring sublunary temporal rhythm and the polyphonic patterns of Earth in its forming and revolving. Invisible energy and synergy between matters and the mass. From the barren to the proliferation of existence as a mystery, the work attempts to reveal patterns and forms that revolve and uncover modes of emergence.

Forest myth 

Natural emergence (Deep root). 2020

124x112x35 cm
Jesmonite, Polystyrene, pine timber board, hinge, perforated stainless steel