@ SNEHTA residency, Athens. 2018


Touch me, remind me, who I am.         Exhibition at SNEHTA Residency in Athens, curated by Evita Tsokanta 
Styrofoam, printed fabric, vinyl print, water pipe, car spray paint, velvet, air-dry clay, copper ring, chain, rope, eyelet, beads, pin, fishing net
250 x 225 x 120 cm

IF YOU ARE LUCKY YOU WILL SEE IT (2018) explores an ontology of time and materiality through their latent simultaneity of past and future, within the present. During the work’s development, the artist visited the city of Athens, Greece. The experience of confronting the past flourising time of ancient Greek as well as the residue of the extensive depth in scale and time in distance; the agoras and pantheons throughout the city and their extended mythologies, evoked the artist to re-imagine transgression of time and space that is contitnued in our present contemporary existence. The work conveys the gesture of ‘growing up’ from the ancient plinth, that is itself a reimagined perpetual accumulation and erosion of the ground. The plinth indicates the sublunary sphere from Greek mythology that represent the idea of the geocentric cosmos. The aeons of time embedded and imbedded as memory, history and harmony that circulates around and evolve within earthly landscape, are in constant interaction through visible and invisible energy. The multi-layered historical narratives and fluctuation of the time have entangled and stratified onto the ground and re-created a new version of the facade. The work expresses the circuit systems of ecology and culture, the social construction and natural emergence that are perpetually looping and reshaping within their surroundings. These remains and traces transgress, mutate and evolve into geological and spherical realms. Natural emergence and technological negotiation are focal parts of the discourse within the artist’s investigation, in which she continues to question the simultaneity, sympoiesis and symbiosis of milieu and nature, in relation to contemporary post-human discussion.

Kyungmin Sophia Son